Ashton is centrally situated on the well-known Route 62. Years ago, Ashton was only known as an Industrial town because most of the residents worked at the two large factories in the town, namely Langeberg and Ashton Canning. Today, those two factories have amalgamated under the name Langeberg and Ashton Foods. This factory is the largest canning factory in the southern hemisphere – and is only 180km from Cape Town!

The extensive wine industry is a very popular tourist attraction – and Ashton is ideally located within the midst of these lush winelands where some of the world’s best wines are produced.  Some of the world-famous names that rest in the immediate vicinity, include

  • Van Loveren Estates, who has won international accolades in the wine industry
  • Bon Courage, well-known for their sparkling Blush.
  • Ashton Cellar - famous for the tastiest Grape juice as well as a delectable dry red wine, Satin Red.

With Ashton being centrally situated within many wineries, it becomes a pivotal point from where a tourist can visit the wide variety of Cellars, sightseeing places and other activities in a radius of 5 - 15km on day-trips. Guests to the Eagle’s Flight Guesthouse/B&B, are usually fascinated with the diversity of this region! This centrality allows visitors to reach many different towns according to the tourists own desires and needs to quench their curiosity for discovering what this beautiful area has to offer.

In Ashton, Platform 62, situated in the main street of Ashton, where the restored Steam Locomotive stands in all its grandeur, is a place not to be missed. This is the original Steam Locomotive which was used on the Worcester/ Mossel-bay route from 1919-1983, transporting people and goods to and fro.

At Platform 62, tantalising Brandy-tasting is one of the main features. The Restaurant provides fine cuisine through-out the day. Local Arts & Crafts are displayed which allows tourists to see what talented home-grown artists have to offer. A safe recreational-area is created for the children to play while the adults leisurely while-away their time, enjoying good food and good company while creating happy memories…

Not far from there, on the edge of town, nestled among the vineyards, Eagle’s Flight Guesthouse/B&B can be found. A place where the laid-back atmosphere allows peace and calm to seep into tired marrow and bones – while savouring a tasty wine of choice, on the deck, beholding breath taking sunset scenes…

Our area is safe and guests are welcome to explore the area on their bicycles or by foot. Healthy walks on the round-about-road take you through famous vineyards and Cape Dutch architecture which is part of the heritage of this area. Cycling enthusiasts can choose to cycle on the many tarred roads or gravel (pipped) roads interlinking with one another to enable cyclists to choose how far they want to go.  Keeping Eagle’s Flight Guesthouse/B&B as their basecamp. Café’s and Take-away food stalls are also within walking distance from Eagle’s Flight Guesthouse/B&B.

Pleasurable trips, just outside Ashton, along the Langeberg Mountains, where the farm WildePaardehoek is nestled at its feet, can be enjoyed either early mornings or late afternoons. These trips amble through mountainous terrain where Bushbuck, Springbuck and even Lynx can be seen. Occasionally, Leopards come down from the rugged mountains to feed on the farmer’s small stock and chickens in the yard.

A short distance from Eagle’s Flight Guesthouse/B&B, near Van Loveren Wine Estates, Viljoensdrift can be found. Here, Uncle Ben’s Boat Cruises offers pleasing river-trips, which allow passengers to see the Breederiver from a different angle. On Uncle Ben, choice wines and delicious picnic basket-treats, provided by the Viljoensdrift Deli, can be enjoyed.

Neighbouring towns such as Bonnievale, Montagu and Robertson is a short 15-minute drive away, whereas McGregor, Worcester and Swellendam is about 30 minutes’ drive. The coastal towns of Struisbaai and L’Agulus lies a little bit further – approximately 1 hour’s drive from Ashton.



From Ashton, this little town is easily accessible. However, a leisurely trip from Robertson, all along the Breederiver, also leads to Bonnievale. Tourists are invited to the Bonnievale Winery – a stop-over at Tim Jan’s is a must! Only there you will find a variety of liquors to cure many ailments – such as “jigsemoer” for the pain!

At the Parmalat Cheese Factory Shop, you can buy cheeses to take home. It will, however, be difficult to choose from the delectable assortment – so spoil yourself and buy them all!

The historic Myrtle Rigg Memorial Church (1861 – 1926) promises to be worth your while to stop and read about the rich history of this beautiful little church.



On your way to Montagu from Ashton, you drive through the scenic Kogmanskloof Gorge.  There are stunning rock-formations which can be attempted to climb, even by novices. But for the skilled rock-climbing enthusiasts, these mountains afford exciting challenges too! There is also an Old English Fort (stronghold) that dates way-back from the Anglo Boer War in 1899, which can be seen.

At Montagu, two interesting museums, The Joubert-huis and The Montagu Museum, can be visited. They host various Arts and Craft Stalls. A leisurely historic walk through the town promises the tourist to feel enriched with new knowledge while experiencing the old-time true Dutch origins and building styles of an era gone by.

The Avalon Springs (Hot water) at Montagu is just a stone’s throw away.
Day visitors are welcome to swim, go on walks and taste the Restaurant’s delicacies.

When it is flower time in Namaqualand, a sight-seeing trip through the Koo Valley, also known by the locals as “The Keisie”, treats the traveller with the most attractive flowers to feast the eye. In the Burgerpass, the Montagu Protea Farm offers exciting tractor-rides with a “potjiekos” meal in the forest, at the turn-around point on the Langeberg Mountain. This mountainous area reaches an altitude of 1500m above sea level.  The look-out point provides a spectacular view over the Koo Valley and, once at the top, the eye can look down onto the Robertson Valley, and is definitely worth spending some time. Eventually the traveller joins the N1 on route to Touwsriver.



From Ashton, the road that leads to Cape Town, takes you to the picturesque town of Robertson.

Golfing enthusiasts can enjoy a good round of golf on the Silwerstrand Golf Club, which is situated on the banks of the Breederiver. This promises to allow golfers to experience the calming atmosphere of running water alongside the trill of playing your best golf in superb surroundings!

Robertson Horse Riding School hosts exciting excursions on horseback. Visitors can choose to go on scenic day rides or more experienced riders can give the horse’s free reign to exhilarate the senses and cover vast areas with speedy paces.  Picnic and wine tasting trips on horseback are very popular past-times for visitors.

Birds Paradise offers hours of animal pleasure at the touch farm and seeing some of the most exquisite bird-species in the country.

The Breederiver, most famous for the yearly Breederiver Canoe-marathon, can be accessed at various points. There are many places where fishing, rowing and lovely picnic spots calls the visitors to step aside and enjoy the tranquillity and harmony of the winelands area.



The quaint little town of McGregor, with its creative and arty residents, is well-known for the Esseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary. At the Sanctuary you can view the donkeys while enjoying a delicious meal at the restaurant.

Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve offers walking trails which allows guests to see a wide variety of our feathered friends due to the abundant bird species living in their natural habitat.



This beautiful town, about 70km from Eagle’s Flight Guesthouse/B&B, has many historic places of interest, but with the modern buzz of a thriving town. The “need to Shop” can certainly be rewarded in the beautiful shops around town and the up-market Mall which hosts a large variety of businesses to meet the needs of all customers!



On route to Swellendam from Ashton, driving along the majestic Langeberg Mountains, the La Montanara Cheese-factory and Delicatessen can be visited. Here tourists can treat themselves on the variety of delicious cheese platters and choice of excellent wines.

Swellendam has many historic buildings and a stroll through the town can improve tourist’s knowledge and interest in the origins of the town.


Struisbaai and L’Agulus:

The stunning coastel towns of Struisbaai and the most southern point of Africa - L’Agulus, is about 1 hour’s drive from Ashton. This area features the presence of the majestic mammals of the ocean – whales! In mating season there are an abundance of spectacular sights when these mammals play around in the bright-blue ocean within sight from various look-out points. Throughout the year, whales visit the area and cause these coastal towns to be visited by many tourists for day excursions.

Route 62, which runs through the middle of Ashton, stretches further into the Klein Karoo, taking the traveller past Montagu, Barrydale, Ladismith, Calitsdorp and eventually Oudshoorn. Every town on route has their own special characteristics and tourist attractions, which can be explored while there. But a definite stop for the weary traveller is Ronnies Sexshop between Barrydale and Ladysmith to quench the thirst…!

The Breederiver Vallei hosts various annual Festivals which are mostly connected to the thriving wine industry of the region. These festivals include: Hands-on Harvest Festival, Wacky Wine Festival, Robertson Slow, Wine-on-the-River and Ashton Double Century Bicycle Tour. All these festivals are within reach from the Eagle’s Flight Guesthouse/B&B.